An innovative set of IoT enablers to help you integrate and manage your assets end to end.

Smart Cities

Smart Fleet

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Transform how your business operates today.

Solutions that are primed to revolutionise

Digitised processes, products and services to create a new level of efficiency and enable new business opportunities. IoTCentral supports companies to follow these trends to stay competitive in their respective markets. By utilising real-time analytic dashboards to help manage your integrated assets.





Seamlessly extend applications and processes
Smart Cities

HCs plan for Smart Cities is to create complete functional solutions to help governments and service providers in a variety of areas from tourism to the environment to build smarter and more connected communities.

Smart Wifi

Our Smart Wi-Fi ensures you and your user stay connected with an internal network that is completely private with no slowdowns or dropouts. We audit your devices to build a tailored, cost-effective and straightforward solution that meets your needs.

Smart Fleet

Drive productivity and vehicle efficiency with your fleet management solution. Gain insights into driver behaviour through ETA predictions and track fuel time costs all through a simple system to connect your fleet.

IoT Vendor Integration

Any device connected through HyperCentral can directly connect to third-party tools and applications, allowing for optimum versatility enabling data orchestration on any device turning them into intuitively connected assets.

Internet of Things Capabilities

Get real-time data and real-time results with the internet of things insights to deliver your new innovative set of services at speed and scale. Securely connect your devices and your whole enterprise through integration and in-depth analysis.

Easily and quickly getting your IoT devices out there

From providing connectivity and getting data from your sensors to enrolling devices, IoTCentral platform lets you create value for your customers through your products.


Build your prototype


Create activation codes


Automated Onboarding

Stay ahead with IoT across enterprise industries

IoT Central’s strength lies in its ability to be applied across industries. Connected products and services enable companies to diversify, explore different business models, create new revenue streams and beat competitors. Our comprehensive IoT platform lets you unlock the potential of IoT without having to make significant investments.

Leverage the experience of partners

Think about business opportunities

Start small and grow


IoT Product Development

With the HyperCentral platform, you can focus on what you do best: designing and developing products for your customers and operations. HyperCentral gives you an IoT platform that has the necessary tools to rapidly prototype connected IoT assets, test and transition into live services.




Network Agnostic

Connect your IoT assets to the network of your choice. You'll be able to extract, visualise and use the collected data on IoTCentral dashboards. HyperCentral is your partner for swiftly turning your IoT projects into a reality. We handle the technology so that you can focus on process and product innovation. 


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Product Deck and overview of HyperCentral modules


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