Architecture Framework

High-quality platform on high availability infrastructure

The HyperCentral platform is built upon a framework that enables organisations to deliver the best of their services and products, with an easy to use interface but without the complexity of coding.



API Gateway


Single sign-on

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HyperCentral deploys components in Docker containers allowing you to decide how to host - cloud, on-premises or hybrid – all are possible. Docker containers are highly scalable, allowing services to be scaled horizontally and on-demand, enabling growth and accommodating fluctuations in service demand.


Each container is isolated from the host providing a more secure environment than traditional deployments. The use of containers in a DevOps pipeline improves development efficiency, enabling new features to be brought to market sooner.

API Gateway

HyperCentral has a microservices architecture at its heart. Services developed as individual components with little to no coupling or dependencies. When paired with an API gateway, this allows new APIs and applications with minimal impact. The API gateway provides centralised, secure access to APIs and services, with features such as authentication, rate-limiting and request transformation built-in.

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Services within HyperCentral inter-communicate using an event-driven messaging protocol implemented with Apache Kafka. Kafka is a highly-resilient, highly-scalable data stream which is particularly suited to real-time analytics and IoT use cases. Using a messaging infrastructure allows the integration of new services into the HyperCentral stack with ease.


Real-time dashboards and widgets utilise WebSockets and server-side data streams to push data instantly to users as it updates at the source.


HyperCentral provides single sign-on through its user management module. Authentication using identity providers supporting Open ID Connect, such as Azure AD or HyperCentral’s built-in Open Id Connect authentication service.


Gain the ability to connect to a variety of 3rd party applications and services for seamless integration of data. More connectors are being added regularly enabling data insights across systems from one single source.



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