HyperCentral & Avaya Working Together 
Why choose HyperCentral?

The Avaya IX Workplace Attendant product is restricted to manual data checks and processes with standardised CSV output only for reporting.

HyperCentral’s platform and its team of data transformation specialists bring operational visibility and reporting capability to the Avaya IX Workplace Attendant application. It’s Avaya centric dashboards provide a 360° view of your service, meaning that teams can make decisions with confidence.


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Deliver customer value with our turnkey Solution for Avaya Workplace Attendant

The HyperCentral Avaya IX Workplace Attendant platform delivers out of the box real-time dashboards and reporting for all your KPIs and SLAs.

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Access to all the switchboard telecoms data:

Calls by Topic

Internal/External Calls

Avg Call Duration

Calls by Operator

Avg Ring Time

Max Ring Time 

Missed Calls

Caller Wait Time

Site Views

Transferred Calls

Peak/Off Peak Hours 

Service KPIs 

Workplace Connectors and Widgets 

Deliver your data direct from the Avaya database sources and present it through widget visualisations.

Workplace Dashboards

Beautiful, designed Avaya templates to publish, share, restrict based on user roles & permissions.

Workplace Attendant Reporting

Avaya IX Workplace Attendant reports included with HyperCentral that can be customised, email scheduled, and shared with other users, departments, and customers. With presentation mode you can feel confident in your meeting knowing the data is always up to date to make critical and informed decisions.  

Validate Your Data

Our customer experience demonstrates that using HyperCentral identifies previously unknown data issues leading to an improvement in data quality and accuracy.

Bring all your data and applications together

Whether it’s the Avaya suite of software or devices, HyperCentral can connect to all open APIs, Databases and IoT systems. Allowing you to centralise your operations with actionable widgets that give one single view across the enterprise.

Create & Design with Freedom 

With HyperCentral low code and codeless self-service features, users can also create, modify, and writeback to improve integrated Avaya data sources. Fully white-labelled for re-branding throughout all visuals and themes.

Platform Hosting Options

Our flexible platform can be hosted on your premises, public cloud or the HyperCentral Azure platform.  


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