Automate and manage your IT product stack and service catalogue.

Monetise your cloud portfolio, automating the entire customer life cycle end to end.






Simplify and automate your business

Optimize and automate your business with Cloud Central platform.  

Cloud Stack

Automated Provisioning and Management. Fully automated hosting account setup and management.

Billing & Automation

Recurring Invoicing and Payment Capture. Automatically bill and collect payments from customers with professional looking invoices.

Customer Support​

Incident Management and Self-Service Tools. Centralise customer communications and allow clients to get help even when you're not around.


Keep your head in the Cloud

Easy to Use and Powerful

Run projects on a multinational cloud integrated with all our core products and third-party systems, such as Payment gateways, Domain registrars, Security/Fraud Module Bank transfer modules, Helpdesk systems, and SSL vendors.

Order and Provision Services

Create the ultimate bundles for your clients by combining value-added services with those offered by Microsoft, VMware, AWS, Cisco partners. Make it easy for your clients to decide which services they want. In the end, you'll increase your monthly revenue.

Cloud Marketplace

The Cloud Central platform enables leading service providers worldwide to easily automate end-to-end service delivery and differentiate their offerings to digitally transform your business with speed and scale across IoT, cloud, Telco core services using one single platform.

Manage your environment

Create, suspend, modify and terminate accounts across your enterprise. Automatically upgrade or downgrade hosting accounts on-demand, giving customers a single login to access all their services.

Reseller Management

Maximise your reach with proven sales and Reseller Channel Management with robust sales channels and multi-tier reseller management. Deliver revenue through your resellers that end clients will obtain products, services and add-ons directly from you.

Billing Automation

You set your prices and margins, bill your customers directly and own the customer relationship. Manage your partner Reseller Channels with technology and tools that manage the overall infrastructure to billing, sales channel management, and e-commerce application.

Delivering Total Cloud as a Service


We work with you to determine what products and services to automate and provision for your customers. Whether new or existing investments, your infrastructure - your choice – our proven strategic solution works.


Automate and provision real-time package bundles with customisation designed for your customers and workforce. See below some of the product sets that can be integrated, and much more.

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Windows Servers

Create Windows servers in minutes and scale them as you need. Access to thousands of CPU Cores, GB of RAM and TB of SSD storage.

Office 365

Leverage our expertise and integration tools with Microsoft's CSP Program to keep your direct and privileged relationship with your customers.

Colleagues Working in Office

More than 25,000 businesses and more than 500,000 users trust us to host their email in the cloud. We want our customers to succeed in using Exchange.

Linux Servers

Configure high-performance Linux servers for your business with free, 24/7/365 support and migration. With guaranteed reliability and security.

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Azure Stack

Run your application on one of Azure’s worldwide network of Microsoft-managed datacenters located across over 20 regions around the world.

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Participants can join the Skype meeting using a dial-in number. You can also dial out directly to a landline to invite someone on the fly.

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Hosted Databases

Quickly provision and manage your databases using our Performance Cloud portal, API, or command line. Deploy in minutes.

Creative Meeting

Combining robust servicing, sales and marketing tools to give you a clear view of all your customers: from initial contact to post-sale support.

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It's your call. You can cut costs by sharing your SharePoint web services with other organisations in a multi-tenant cloud environment.



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Product Overview

 Ask, Automate, Action: All aspects of HyperCentral 

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Product Deck

Product Deck and overview of HyperCentral modules


Bitesize HyperCentral: Introduction to the platform


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