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Company Overview

Digicel Group is a leading global communications provider with strategic operations throughout 33 Markets in the Caribbean, Central America, and Asia Pacific. Digicel connects more than 70,000+ B2B businesses combined with 14 Million+ Subscribers. The company is renowned for delivering best value, best service and best network. As a global data centre provider, Digicel offers multiple ICT technologies utilising several Cloud platforms and services.

Business Challenge

Despite operating globally, Digicel was still using a disparate combination of technology solutions for its IT Service management. This product patchwork resulted in a lack of visibility when it came to Incident Management, service operations and keeping their B2B customers engaged with real-time dashboards and analytics into their data and services provided.


With Digicels constant appetite to be the best in their industry by going fully digital with services. It was critical that they can leverage on their existing and future investments, into an ecosystem that gives their enterprise and customers one common view , reducing costs, making informed and on demand decisions, boosting productivity and change throughout each technology transformation.

Core Issues​

• Lack of visibility internally

• Keeping b2b customers

• Manual processes, disjointed workflow

• Poor checks and balances​

Digital Market Place with AI process automation and billing

Multiple opcos using disparate systems with multiple logins, non collaboration or data aggregation

Vendor Integrations:
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• Actionable dashboards

• Big data management 

• Integrated product enhancements and workflow

• Increased process automation resulting in significant time savings

• Customer views and real-time reporting

• Business Solutions Product Catalogue, order management, integration, and billing


HyperCentral delivers for Digicel an ever-changing ecosystem that continually transitions and enhances their data across the enterprise. The dynamic self-service features put their employees and customers user experience to the forefront with its unique functionality and design. Managing big data integrations through real-time, throttling and caching options allows deep data insights and informed collaboration that previous legacy systems could not deliver.  

HyperCentral’s One Platform. One View architecture design allows Digicel to create their own unique Telecoms Ecosystem incorporating Digicel’s business solutions portfolio of applications and services.  End to end order management from module StoreCentral, to integrated workflow through module AppCentral for checkpoints, validation and provisioning live services.


The Digicel brand was always an important part, unlike other products HyperCentral allows Digicel the freedom to white label the entire application from naming. landing pages, colours, widgets, reports including multi-tenant customers. 


With an ever-increasing portfolio of services HyperCentral empowers Digicel data analysts to have full control and freedom to create new connectors, dashboards, reports and workflow of their own assets, reducing commercial spend on development.

Customer Statements

“Digicel believes that HyperCentral’s most important contribution has been in helping IT to manage demand across disparate applications and toolsets. Now IT can better see and prioritise its workloads. Our senior management and customers can consistently rely on the data presented.”

Bryan Kane - Group Head of Solutions 

“With Digicel launching its fully digital, all-in-one Business Hub bundle, which includes HyperCentral, the platform now offers our SMEs continual innovation by leveraging business insights to deliver favourable outcomes”

Liam Donnelly – Group Chief Revenue Officer

Business Presentation