Digicel Group is a leading global communications provider with strategic operations throughout 33 Markets in the Caribbean, Central America and Asia Pacific. Digicel connects more than 70,000+ B2B businesses combined with 14 Million+ Subscribers. The company is renowned for delivering best value, best service and best network. Digicel as a global data centre provider, offers multiple ICT technologies utilizing several Cloud platforms and services.


Despite operating Globally, Digicel was still using a disparate combination of Technology solutions for its IT Service Management (ITSM), with each region using a unique set of tools and processes. This product patchwork resulted in a lack of visibility when it came to Incident Management and an absence of common processes for Change Management.

  • Routes approval requests to the direct line manager and business owner

  • Identifies and any potential risks, violations

  • Automatically assigns approved responsibility.

  • Hundreds of hours of research and validation saved with Knowledgebase.


Digicel’s incident management operations at group level and across Local Markets have become more efficient with HyperCentral. Prior to the deployment of HyperCentral, many markets and regions used an email-based system to handle incidents, which needed to be supported with significant administrative time.


With phases 1 and 2 completed and delivering a single global business operations platform, Digicel launched its Global Fibre connect service to its enterprise customers.


HyperCentral has provided these customers with everyday real-world processes, real time analytics, deep data insight and collaboration that previous legacy systems could not deliver.


The introduction of its user-friendly API user interface for key LOB applications, like Salesforce, SolarWinds, and SSO Web Apps offered customer and employee information centricity.

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