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Codeless & Modular

Real-Time Analytics

Dynamic Workflow

Customer Dashboards

Exploding Data

Put structure and truth behind your data

19.8 % of business time, the equivalent of one day per working week, is taken up by employees searching for information to do their job effectively. Research shows that on average, employees spend around 2.5 hours per day, or roughly 30% of the workday, searching for information, costing in excess of £100bn+ per year.

Up to 73% of data goes unused for crucial Analytics.

Read below how to put it to work with HyperCentral

Driving factors

Sheer Volume of data

Complex Applications

Multiple apps for various data

Capturing relevant data

Data management

Fragmented data ownership

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Enhance Workflow, Collaboration and Productivity

HyperCentral automates business processes, services, and assets across many aspects. Making communication, collaboration, and decision-making instant, clear, and precise. Delivering real data transformation leveraging your existing investments, into one standard view across the enterprise reduces costs and boosts productivity.

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Build my Connector

Connecting your data

Build rest API connectors direct to your applications with low code and codeless feature-rich modules. Integrate directly to your databases Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, Postgres, and more. Innovate and connect to your IoT assets for one single real-time view. Create single sign-on authentication connectors for your active directory users.

“The HyperCentral application continually adopts, transitions, and grows with your existing investments reducing development overheads.”

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Build my Widget

Represent your data through drag and drop widget visuals.

Our widget library represents numerous ways to capture and present your data layers throughout the business and customers. From charts, forms, videos, counters, maps, tables, files, and much more allows you to build a single source of truth.


Multiple features with drill-downs and filters for deeper insights and analytics. Share your data content through the widget permissions or save it into your library for future release.

“If we don’t have the widget you want don’t worry, the simplicity of HyperCentral is you only need to create new widgets and add to the master library.”

Build my Dashboard

Storytelling through one single pane of glass.

Be creative by designing and building your own dashboards to keep your target users updated, informed, and engaged. The Build, my Dashboard feature toolsets, allow out of the box self-branding graphical displays with your data widgets.


Built-in features for wallboards and caching options to eliminate network latency for real-time data streaming. Share, and add contributor roles and permissions to your dashboards for employees, departments, customers, and public views.

“The HyperCentral Dashboard builder has been designed for the overall user experience, powerful but simple to use.”

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Build my Report

Instant and on-demand analytics to make the right decisions.

Just like the dashboards, the reporting module helps you build, share, and schedule daily, weekly, and monthly critical information to your recipients. The report designer offers all the key features from cover pages, TOC, Margins, headers/footers, and so on to produce beautiful reports.


With the presenter mode in online and offline settings, you can eliminate products like PowerPoint to present your data to the board, senior management, peers, and customers.

“Whether you update your connectors, widgets, or dashboards, your reporting data will constantly update removing manual checks and procedures.”

Manage Central

Knowledge is power, data is king.

The command centre for all administration. The power to deliver data across your enterprise, customers, and public giving you one single pane of glass. Feature-rich options to manage your data and multi-tenant user base.


From alerting, language packs, white-label branding, identity management, and data naming conversions, HyperCentral keeps on delivering.

“As your business grows and changes HyperCentral’s command centre delivers data transformation across your enterprise, customers, and public keeping them engaged in real-time.”

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Say goodbye to multiple logins

HyperCentral eliminates the need for multiple authentications with one single sign (SSO) to your integrated line of business applications, data and IoT assets built into each smart dashboard.

A collaborative ecosystem

HyperCentral is a collaborative ecosystem – multi-tenant, multi-department, multi-function, with multi technologies. Support your customers and workforce end to end via the self-service portal, collaborate and centralise your communications saving time and money by bringing multiple teams, vendors, and b2b customers into one platform.

Instantly Improve Productivity

Organisations with critical and complex management operations across local and global market locations will become more efficient with HyperCentral due to its integrated nature and ability to capture data within the system in a real-time manner.

Reduce costly tech refresh life-cycles

HyperCentral's dynamic framework delivers real data transformation leveraging your existing investments, into one single view. The platform adopts and morphs with your strategic approach throughout the in-life service. 

Ever-evolving and innovative application

HyperCentral is fully dynamic, with no hard coding or point solution code like others. Integrate, stream, or build data silos to your design preference. Build powerful web apps with process automation and AI intelligence to solve your ever-changing business challenges

Transform how IT supports your customers

HyperCentral is enabling this by improving support processes, keeping customers continually engaged, delivering analytic insight, and allowing MSP and non-IT departments to achieve administrative efficiencies.

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Commercial value in comparison to the competition

HyperCentral offers amazing value and flexibility for small, medium, and enterprise customers compared to competitive leading brands. With HyperCentral, you pay for the number of user roles who have access to the feature-rich product.


All features are available from the second you install the software, meaning that unlike other applications, there are no hidden costs required to unlock essential features and functionality.

Fully Browser Compliant

Compliant with Windows, Linux, IOS using enterprise browsers IE11, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. The application is built within a virtual appliance incorporating independent service roles for Server OS, Application Modules, Databases, and running services. Runs on the latest Kubernetes technology.


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Product Overview

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