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Company Overview

The NHS Southern Health and Social Care Trust (SHSCT) provides health and social care services across the five council and hospital areas of Armagh, Banbridge, Craigavon, Dungannon, and Newry and Mourne within Northern Ireland.

Business Challenge

BT had implemented a new Avaya Equinox (Workplace) switchboard solution for the NHS SHSCT to handle emergency calls for both their staff and the public. Currently, they have limited access to this information and wish to see data broken down per user and site to evaluate their switchboard service performance.


The Avaya product and roadmap do not provide any reporting functionality only by exporting raw csv file. The staff have to manually update and manage through spreadsheets that contain an aggregation of the service metrics.


This creates many issues, not just overall time and effort but trusting the data analytics produced from the vendor's application master and summary view databases. Continuing with this existing process will impact the operations performance metrics needed to measure the service they provide. 

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Core Issues

• No KPI reporting or scheduling
• Inaccurate data

• Large data volumes
• Avaya support with data and bugs.
• Current performance vs target SLA indicators.
•  Site locations limited deep data insights 
•  Manual repetition of dated processes impacting employee productivity 
•  On-demand creation of custom dashboards visualisations 


The NHS Southern Health & Social Care Trust (SHSCT) would like to view an online version of real-time data and metrics relating to their Avaya Equinox Switchboard solution which delivers a constant source of truth that the staff and senior management can rely on and make informed decisions for the critical industry they operate in. Providing a data view per user is also required along with aggregation at a site level. A visual representation of this using dashboards and reports which enables users to log in and access is the optimum desired solution.

They also wish to see real-time metrics, SLA and KPI indicators for call volumes displayed on wall-mounted TV screens. For the HyperCentral platform to capture data definitions, views, and reports where applicable, security, data and authentication, and regulatory compliance concerns are considered. To continually help with the evolution of data across the hospital’s departmental operations.

Vendor Integrations:
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HyperCentral was deployed on the customer premises due to the industry's nature and government bodies security compliance. Besides meeting all the business challenges delivering structured and on-demand data visualisations with real-time reporting.


The HyperCentral platform and data transformation specialists brought attention to SHSCT original concerns with the Avaya software producing inaccurate information from the source data. We found issues with the 3rd party vendors product during the integration and reported our finding, resulting in Avaya releasing a major patch to the core product. The SHSCT Telecoms team now could feel confident that the metrics now matched the service output.

Reception Desk

• Configurable dashboards showing KPIs and the capability to drill-down into lower-level detail.

• Removes manual checks and processes from the Avaya CSV output to spreadsheets.
• Automated reporting resulting in timesaving for staff. 
• Better visibility of performance per location and breakdown by call type.
• Improved capability to answer queries.
• HyperCentral research and development on Avaya Workplace (Equinox) version releases continues to enhance the product.
• Our customer experience demonstrates that using HyperCentral identifies previously unknown data issues, leading to improved data quality and accuracy.

Customer Statements

"The dashboards and reporting have improved transparency by providing a single source of truth about our telecoms service. We can now quickly identify patterns relating to call volumes, peak times and customer queries, adjusting processes where needed, and informing decisions on resource planning to improve our service-level commitments."

John Mitchell – Telecoms Manager, Southern Trust NHS