Why HyperCentral

Manage your services in a coherent centralised manner

Companies are still using a disparate combination of technology solutions for its business processes - this technology patchwork results in a lack of visibility across the enterprise and decreased business value. 

Productivity Increase

Business Value

Actionable Dashboards

Increased Automation

Real-Time Analytics

We have the solution.

Say goodbye to multiple logins

HyperCentral eliminates the need for multiple authentications with one single sign (SSO) to your integrated line of business applications, data and IoT assets built into each smart dashboard and module.

Reduce costly tech refresh life-cycles

HyperCentral’s dynamic framework delivers real digital transformation leveraging your existing investments, into one standard view. The platform adapts and morphs with your strategic approach throughout the in-life service.

The people behind the product

HyperSync is a leading provider of ICT services. We work with the worlds leading infrastructure and software vendors to ensure you effectively leverage IT to accelerate your business success. Led by an experienced team of industry experts, our flexible workforce of IT and business professionals operate across the EMEA, Caribbean, USA and LATAM.

A collaborative ecosystem

HyperCentral is a collaborative ecosystem – multi-tenant, multi-department, multi-function, with multi technologies. Support your customers and workforce end to end via the self-service portal, collaborate and centralise your communications saving time and money by bringing multiple teams, vendors, and b2b customers into one platform.

What do customers think?
“Digicel believes that HyperCentral’s most important contribution has been in helping IT to manage demand. Now IT can better see and prioritize its workloads and management can consistently rely on the data.”
Extensively improve workflow collaboration and productivity
Consolidated disparative global ITSM toolsets
Instantly Improve Productivity

Organisations with critical and complex management operations across local and global market locations will become more efficient with HyperCentral due to its integrated nature and ability to capture data within the system in a real-time manner.

Transform the way IT supports your customers

HyperCentral is enabling this by continually improving support processes, keeping customers engaged, delivering analytic insight and allowing MSP and non-IT departments to achieve administrative efficiencies.

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