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One Platform,
One Login,
Endless Integrations.

HyperCentral is a real-time dynamic business automation platform that combines built-in modules with your applications, data and IoT assets into customisable self-branding smart dashboards, giving one standard view across the enterprise. Businesses can adapt, transition and integrate through our digital transformation framework designed using cutting edge technology.

One single view of all services

HyperCentral makes real-time collaboration and workflow a reality, allowing visibility across business operations and multi-tenant customers. Dynamic dashboard views for both admins and customers. HyperCentral will make your business flexible and knowledgeable.

Work, collaborate, and deliver better

No matter your industry, the HyperCentral platform will help you deliver services quicker and better all with one set of tools.

Application Integration

Allows integration of disparate toolsets and business applications with the adoption of smart widgets and dashboards under one unified login. Our application framework adopts, transitions and grows with your existing investments and our built-in feature-rich modules.

What you need, with no coding

HyperCentral is designed with the user in mind, whereby custom changes to modules and feature workflow can be amended without the need to invest in more bespoke development costs.

What's new?
Take action with Dynamic Dashboards

User-friendly interfaces that can be customised to individuals design preference through our build my dashboard module, drag and drop smart widgets, colour styling, resizing and much more. Creating multiple views, you want from your integrated applications to IoT assets.

Bespoke Development and Integration

With access to an experienced software engineering team, we ensure current and relevant solutions in a close strategic partnership. With HyperCentral's flexible architectural framework and modules, we can respond swiftly to client's demands by delivering customised and integrated solutions, no matter how complex.

Branded to your design requirements

HyperCentral can be entirely redesigned to your company brand and multi-tenant customers by using the self-service theme module, amend landing pages, dashboards, reports, charts and much more.

Real-time insight, with real-time analytics

Automate with scheduled reports streamline processes for approvals, reducing timescales, increasing productivity and reducing manual processes with dynamic workflow. Our business intelligence provides insight, trends past, present and future.

Hosting Choice


As with all the packages, when you install HyperCentral onto your infrastructure, you benefit from our critical SLA managed service and software assurance support. Recommended server architecture specifications will be provided to allow for user volume size.


HyperCentral will host the business automation suite on your dedicated server - ensuring optimum performance and security. Hosted Platform as a Service (PaaS) will include minimum architecture resource layers which can run under Kubernetes, Docker containers and virtual appliances.

Vendor Adoption

HyperCentral provides continual research and development for our enterprise approved applications. Our API builder, know-how and data validation for the smart dashboards offer integration end-to-end, giving our customer's software assurance and future compliance with new product releases.

All your service made secure

HyperCentral application and architecture security are under regular penetration testing with our software assurance support. With today's emphasis on cyber-attacks, our product must meet industry standards and compliance. SSL 256-bit encryption, with secure authentication options: SAML, 2-factor, OTP and JWT.

Be smart with your investments

We offer flexible commercials depending on your organisation or customers unique requirements or application bespoke modifications. 


All features are available from the second you install the software, meaning that unlike other applications, there are no hidden costs required to unlock essential features and functionality. Implementing our scalable and affordable business automation suite throughout your organisation for internal operations and external B2B customers is simple, saving you time and money.